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Caravan of Thieves Present
"Mischief Night"

A new album recorded live in one night on May 1st, 2010 with 12 tracks highlighting the band's most outrageous on stage antics from the past two years...


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In celebration of this release, and with "Mischief Night" CD's available in the big red Box of Charms, Caravan of Thieves will be performing live at the Living Room in NYC that Tuesday night, July 13th at 7pm as part of the WFUV (90.7 FM) series "On Your Radar". So come down, tune in, and join the band for this special show and CD release event...
And be the first to grab a copy of "Mischief Night" !

- more details on this show -

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On July 13th, CD will be available on
CD Baby
As well as iTunes and other digital retailers

A few memories from that wild, wild night on May 1st, 2010 when the album was recorded...

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When we first started announcing this live recording, we didn't have a name for it and we gave all our freaky friends an opportunity to name it for us. Then we came up with a title and since we liked it the best, we used it. But there were some fun and interesting titles and as we promised, we are still awarding a winner for best title and posting a few other good ones we liked. So with no further adieu, the winner for best album title is:

Jessica Williams for her title:
"Live Freakshow"

And here are a few runners up that we liked but thought needed a little sprucing bed

Nacho M for the title:
"A Nightly Theft"... in bed

Joel Swensen for his title:
"Save Your Fortune"... in bed

John Steinthal for his title:
"Yikes - This Really Happened"... in bed

Hal Brandenburg for his title:
"Nibbling Bugs and Giggling Hugs"... in bed

And Jessica Williams one more time for her other title:
"Come One, Come All"... in bed

Just because we had to!




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