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Thank you for helping us prevent homelessness this holiday season! The next song we have for you is our seasonal and appropriately titled "I Don't Want Anything For Christmas," something we started piecing together last December when thinking of the many people in the world with barely enough to survive on, and inversely the excessive spending and gift giving many of us participate in every year around this time. So we are doing away with Black Friday (and all the insanity that goes along with it). Instead you can make a purchase that helps those who won't have a holiday or even a home this winter. When you purchase "I Don't Want Anything For Christmas" (or our Halloween song, "Ms Priscilla Pumpkin" - see below) half the money goes to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

We chose to partner with this nationwide charity because they specialize in building awareness, improving homelessness policy and educating opinion leaders throughout the country. And over the past two months we have been touring coast to coast and its been a great pleasure not only performing but also educating people along the way on this subject, getting very positive feedback and many generous donations. We can't thank you enough!

With many shows still ahead through this holiday season and into 2013 we will continue on our "Homeless For The Holidays" Tour, and sure, we can have fun with words but it is a serious matter so we hope you can participate in any way you can, get one or both of the songs, learn about the cause, etc... and come out to a show soon so we can spread a little holiday cheer together!

Here are the two songs. Our suggested donation is 99 cents per download but you can always throw in a little more if you're able. 50% of all proceeds go to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Just wanted to mention...
To maximize the donation, we were very frugal with our budget on this project, getting lots of favors from friends and family, recording and mixing ourselves. With the help of Carrie's parents for use of their home and recording equipment (Serenity Studio), some friends who lent us a few good mics and things (Keith Saunders, Rob Martineau), Fuzz burning the midnight oil mixing the tracks, and Brendan Muldowney doing a great job mastering at Carriage House Studios, costs were kept minimal so we could maximize the donation. Thanks to all who were involved!

Buy "I Don't Want Anything For Christmas" here

Lyrics and Credits

Buy "Ms Priscilla Pumpkin" here

Lyrics and Credits

We performed "Ms Priscilla Pumpkin" for the folks at Big Old Big One live in Davis Square in Somerville, MA!

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